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Grammatical form to teach: “Past” form and its meaning


Let the students read the Task Sheet where the target form or expressions are high-lighted. Let the students find the form and think about the meaning.


Grammatical form to teach: “Past” form and its meaning


Task Sheet



*Reference for the teachers:

Last Monday, the university was closed. I slept until noon at home. Then I made Instant Ramen. It’s miso-Ramen. It was delicious. In the evening, I met a friend and we went to Shibuya together. Shibuya is a big town. It was very crowded. There were many people. There were lots of shops. We went to an apparel (clothing) shop. She (friend) bought a cute T-shirt. It was an enjoyable day.

(Benati & Yamashita, 2016: 34)